Saturday, August 16, 2008

Now, I didn't know that ...

When the Globe burnt down in 1613, there was a ballad written (knew that): On the Pitiful Burning of the Globe Play-house (link and link)

What I didn't know was that it mentions in it:

Then with swoll'n eyes, like drunken Flemings,
Distressed stood old stuttering Hemings.
Oh sorrow, pitiful sorrow, and yet all this is true.

Now, cast your mind back to 'Shakespeare in Love' and the character who delivers the prologue at the start of Romeo and Juliet (video).

He stutters ... and I thought it was all a directors or writers idea - in fact it is based on a real actor (although the character in the film is not Hemings).

The real stutterer was' of course, behind the printing of the folio! He also seems to have apprenticed as a grocer, become a freeman of London and died wealthy ... acting was as profitable then as now.

(Sorry about the size of the video - not Geek enough to make it smaller!)

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