Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Natural pleasures and feathered friends

To be honest, I'm not convinced too many of my readers will be able to make use of a communication I received this morning:

I write to ask whether you would be willing to include a link to (or even write a blog entry about) the WINGS tour “Birds and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival,” conducted each June by Rich Hoyer and Bryan Bland. This imaginative combination of birding and culture follows in the tradition of our popular “Birds and Music” and “Birds and Art” tours of Europe. After a delightful morning of birding that includes famously delicious picnic breakfasts and lunches in stunningly gorgeous surroundings, we return in time for a daily performance in the the Iaters just a block from our hotel.

But to me it looks a wonderful combination!

I suspect that the two people leading the tour have found a cheap way to indulge themselves ... If only I had the energy (and knowledge) to do the same.

As I've blogged before - many times - there is a very strong sympathy between Shakespeare and 'Natural intelligence' - in fact, as I was listening to 'The First Part of the Contention' I was again struck by the number of references to birds and animals.

Unless my dream last night has confused me (and it might have, it was bird filled) this chap, [to be seen on the tour]:

...is the American equivalent of one of the stars of Shakespeare's first History Play!

If anyone reading this blog does get to go on the tour - enjoy!

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