Monday, April 14, 2008

Two Notes to myself on Kyd

1. On Kyd's Spanish Tragedy:

The play is now best known in a version form 20 odd years after its first performance - and contains changes.

Some of these changes are identifiable - the hand of Ben Jonson is seen in some

Others are not visible.

What is clear is that this is a play which has close ties to Shakespeare and his work.

Echoes can be seen - but are they echoes of Shakespeare in Kyd's work (adapted after his death) or echoes of Kyd in Shakespeare?

2. There is a definite knock on effect of reading 'Evoking Shakespeare': I read Kyd's play with the physical 'platform' stage of Brook's evocation in mind.

I read plays for performance anyway - but this time it was the specific stage in mind - I wonder if this will continue as I get into the Complete works?

I was also looking for the 'poet' in the work - and it is clear this is not the product of the 'Shakespeare Brain' - although there are moments.

It is equally clear that the 'Shakespeare Brain' had absorbed this play.

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