Monday, April 14, 2008

This falls out better than I could devise

(or Serendipity 2)

I've already mentioned that I am starting the 'Complete Works' Odyssey on St George's Day - reputedly Shakespeare's Birth-Day and Death-Day.
I was wondering how to start - it surely needs something special? I'd got a couple of ideas, including digging out a statue of St George in the centre of Timisoara (and puzzling about what to do with it).

Well - job sorted!

I've been asked to do another, "Shakespeare Thing" (in fact, the question, "You know April the twenty third?" was asked! - Not so subtle my bosses.)

So - Shakespeare - from first to last, is in preparation.

I'm going to start - for gratifications of my own - with a performance of what I wish to believe is Shakespeare's first extant piece: and his last.

I suspect Mrs Shakespeare is going to feature heavily - in Ms Greer's (bbke) version - as fits.

And, on England's national day, some of the more patriotic bombast has to be given full throat.

Hopefully some of that will get released in video format for all to endure.

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Craig said...

Okay--so the tetrameter sonnet is your vote for "first piece," right? And the last... Act V of Two Noble Kinsmen? Or are you going to do a dramatic reading of the will?

Alan K.Farrar said...

You'll have to wait 'til the poster is out!

... but second best bed IS in the programme!