Sunday, June 29, 2008

Double whammy coming up!

Having been out in the wilderness for years, suddenly real theatre comes back into vision ...

July 10th, in Timisoara, The Globe touring production of Romeo and Juliet. I'd have preferred a different play, but to get the locals in to a performance of Shakespeare I can't think of a better play.

I'll be curious to see the size of the audience - remember it is going to be in English (well, Shakespearean) in a provincial town, with most of the teenagers and students (and teachers) on summer holiday away from the town and the heat. Not only that but the same night there is a performance of La Traviata in a production from the Mariinsky Theatre on at the Opera House.

Topping it off though is the trip planned to The Globe itself in London in August - I'm being dragged to see The Merry Wives of Windsor: Now that I am excited about.

(Along with my Romanian friend Cris) I attended the first ever afternoon public performance at The Globe many years ago - and it is something which has marked me for life.

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Craig said...

Well, Romeo has always been a real crowd-pleaser, and the poetry is just to die for--Shakespeare pretty much at the top of his game as lyric poet. Windsor? Not really my favorite, probably owing to a "Falstaff" almost completely devoid of the greatness in the H4 plays. I've only toured the new Globe--wish I could see a play there someday.