Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a sudden stratagem

(Or Shakespeare, the surgeon)

The doc has more or less grounded me - not too much excitement and, combined with a 'between courses' week at work - 'Nothing to be done'.

So, browsing away this morning, I took a look at the opening of the 'sundry times lately acted' True Chronicle History of King Lear and his three daughters ...'

Then I had a bath.


It was a trick - the how do you love me question - count out the ways and I'll give you everything.

And a trick specifically to catch out his wayward younger daughter.

She'd tell him more than the others and then he'd spring the trap - right then, do as I say - just as your sisters have done - 'marry the man today!'

Shakespeare wields the knife - he cuts the trick.

Surgical precision converts Lear from trickster to madman: Senility floods, like a sudden summer storm, the landscape - and grey clouds darken every horizon.

Again, the empty spaces - it's the gaps that make the magic - not what you explain - what you don't explain.

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