Friday, August 31, 2007

Right Royal for Free!

You just drop into a site and find things.

The RSC has video to watch - interviews, extracts, bits and bobs.

Why didn't I know that?


Scot said...

A time for discoveries. I came across a really neat video of Ian McKellen working through the opening speech in Richard III the other day when I was doing some research on RSC.

I saw Lear and The Seagull in repertoire the other day - fantastic! Although I must admit that I was more engaged by the latter - there's just something special about a brand new story.

When did you get to work with Willy? During your teaching days?

Alan K.Farrar said...

Just checking out that site.

Re: Willy - many moons ago. He was auditioning his first Australian 'Blood Brothers' star at the time - so that tells you we are back before you were born!