Saturday, February 18, 2006

An interesting thought came to mind on the way to work this morning:

What about a production of the Merchant of Venice, set in Jerusalem, with Shylock as a Muslim and the Christians as Jews? This I hope would play to a mixed audience, and preferably tour and play in several 'hot spots'.

Certainly that would give a perspective on the play which could be closer to the original than many more recent productuions which attempt to excuse rather than understand the play.

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bardseyeview said...

Are Jews so mistreating Muslims - I thought it was the other way around. Here's a thought experiment. If Muslim violence against Israelis stopped, would Israeli violence also stop? I think the obvious answer is yes.

Now, if Israeli violence stopped, do you believe Muslim violence would stop? I believe the obvious answer is no. Hamas' publicly avowed purposes say as much.

There is an aggressor and a defender in this fight; it simply is not just tit-for-tat. Israel is a lonely democracy whose people are facing a second holocaust.

Visualize for a moment the rapture the Islamic world will feel, and express with dancing in the streets, the day Iran succeeds in senidng a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem. Coming soon to a theater near you.