Friday, December 23, 2005


To want something now seems a little selfish, to exercise a desire which is suggestive of action and force and demand.
In the line quoted above it is different: It is a lack of something - a thing needed, a thing not just expected but necessary.
The full effects of last winter on the farm are still emerging. It was an exceptionally long and cold one. The plum trees all lost their blossom to frost and the walnuts suffered equally.
So what?
Well, the year before we made well over 100 euros on the walnuts and were able to make over 30 litres of tuica (plum brandy to you).
100 euros is a whole lot of money in Romania - well over a month's income and more than enough to pay the annual taxes on the land. A signifficant amount of the walnuts are used to make cakes for Easter and Christmas - and add a lot to the local diet.
The tuica is what we drink to cheer us through the winter!
When Titania says this line - she knows its import.

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